“The human body is infinite in its possibilities for movement, though duly constrained by the Goddess Gravity and the Caliban or Peter Pan of your unique gene map.” ~WEE SMALL STRETCH BOOK


Group stretching on beach


Stop thinking stretching is a waste of time.  You absolutely could not move if muscles did not ‘stretch.’  You have to stretch because you have to.  All locomotion, even the tiniest movement, requires one group of muscles to lengthen, or stretch, in order for the opposing muscle or muscle group to contract and thereby move the levers of your bones to move you.  Those rhythms happen naturally in the architecture of our bodies.  But, if you stretch consciously, knowingly, you optimize the power inherent in that blueprint and minimize the drag on your system which creates inefficiencies and fatigue.


Options in Stretch

Private Lessons

Stretch Techniques Practice in Class

  • Refine Your Spine
  • Flexagility™

You are welcome to attend these stretch and strength techniques classes on Wednesday and Saturday without prior training.

Stretch & strength classes are a good introduction to who we are and how we teach and the general mood and aesthetic of the studio.

See Market for “WEE SMALL STRETCH BOOK”, by Kathleen, brimming with education about breathing and muscles stretching.

“Breathe. Stretch. Move. Align Body and Mind for Life.”, is the DVD created to accompany the book.

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