Stretch Techniques


Techniques and patterns of flexibility so fundamental they underlie all human movement, even the ancient discipline of yoga.”

We don’t fly, but most of the other forms of moving of any other living creature are ours. To be fully human, though, is to move in many planes in multiple patterns in full coordination of those complexities.

Find the power which comes from moving your body in something other than the forward upright pursuit, pick up your grandchild or your laundry without pain, smash the squash ball without torn hamstrings, win tennis and touch your toes.

This is a rigorous and comprehensive program to stretch and support the entire body. Yet is takes no equipment or special mantra. The practice is intended to have a flow or choreography. With patience, you will transition smoothly from one stretch pattern into the next.

This is the discipline which has kept Kathleen most vital and alive.

The “WEE SMALL STRETCH BOOK” was designed in response to consistent inquiries from clients for a tool to keep up their practice of this ground-breaking class, stretching safely and effectively while on the road or otherwise away from this class. See Schedule.

Refine Your Spine

Consists of stretch, strengthening and deep tissue release on a foam roller. Lying full-length on the roller for half an hour while moving the arms, head, chest, pelvis, spine, legs and feet, you receive cues about lengthening the spine and essential breathing. Accompanied by acute attention to the breathing, the movement on the roller creates an oscillation in the spine which rejuvenates its suppleness, frees nerve paths and shifts the body out of the fight or flight mode. The latter part of the class includes, but is not limited to, active leg stretching while balanced on the roller and active tissue release by rolling weight-bearing on the roller. Visualization and oscillating motor activity throughout often generates theta-brain wave-level meditation and experiences.