Abundant August Apparatus


This schedule shows Apparatus Class times and Floor Class times. Floor classes are Flexagility™, Refine Your Spine™, Return to Center™ and Pilates Mat.

Join us in our Gorgeous Studio.

PilateSpa International™ over Festival Foods in the Galaxie Building.    834 East Washington Ave, Madison.    Use Livingston St. Entrance and take the stairs.

You need an account to purchase and schedule classes and private lessons. Account owners, please login. If you would like to try a class before buying, contact to reserve a space as a new lover of intelligent movement.


Pilates Mat classes are taught at Levels.

Level I. Good transition from the training class to regular participation in the pilates classes.

Level II. Be comfortable with the exercises and their progression; have a good understanding of how your body handles pilates.

Level III. Solid intermediate level.  Most participants have studied the discipline consistently for a year or more.

Level IV. Faster paced, more variations in exercises. Need strong core muscles, substantial flexibility, and a sense of humour.


This schedule also shows the Apparatus Technique Training Course on Wednesday. Pilates Mat Technique Training Course is offered periodically and classes are held on Monday and Thursday at 7:45 pm for three weeks.

Private lesson times with Haley and Melissa are noted on the scheduler.  Contact for private lessons with Kathleen

Pilates Mat classes have a prerequisite – you must have prior training or consent of instructor. Contact for that consent or training information.


6:00 AM
7:00 AM
11:00 AM Mat Level III, Haley
5:30 PM Mat Level III-IV, Melissa
6:40 PM Apparatus, Melissa
7:45 PM


7:00 AM Express Mat – 45 minute mat tour de force, Haley
11:00 AM* Magic Circle – mat with Magic, Haley
12:00 PM Apparatus, Haley
5:30 PM
6:40 PM


11:00 AM Apparatus, Kathleen
12:00 PM Flexagility™ – Rigorous stretch (no prereq), Kathleen
5:30 PM Refine Your Spine™ – Stretch breathing on roller (no prereq), Kathleen
6:45 PM* Apparatus Technique Training, Haley

AND Mat Technique Training with Kathleen on dates to be determined


6:00 AM
11:00 AM Prop Mat,  Kathleen
1:15 PM Chair with Michael – Zippy New York Style instruction for 4 Apparatus
5:30 PM Return to Center™ – Centric 6™ Essential 6-step order of engaging your core, Kathleen.  Newly trained in Elemental Mat* are welcome to attend.

*Elemental Mat – rolling six session training on fundamentals for those new to pilates, Kathleen, offered periodically

6:40 PM Apparatus, Kathleen
7:45 PM


6:00 AM
7:00 AM* Pilarre – core, balance, and posture work (no prereq), Haley
12:00 PM Apparatus, Kathleen
1:15 PM  Apparatus, Kathleen
4:15 PM Mat III-IV, Kathleen


8:15 AM Apparatus, Kathleen
9:20 AM Mat Level IV, Kathleen
10:30 AM Flexagility™ – Rigorous stretch (no prereq), Kathleen
12:30 PM Refine Your Spine™ – Stretch breathing on roller (no prereq), Kathleen

Sunday ! ask classes on Sunday (abbreviated schedule in August)

9:30 AM NYC Mat, Michael
10:30 AM Chair, Michael

Mat Technique Training Course Next: TBA

Offered Periodically.  Mondays and Thursdays, 7:45 – 8:45 pm.  to be put on the list for details and next training dates. $180