Classes and Lessons are 55 minutes from appointed start time.

Create Account or Login at https://pilatespa.com/scheduler/ to purchase classes and then schedule the classes you want.



Our signature as a long-standing studio of pilates and intelligent movement is our commitment to education and the highest standards of technique.  All classes are uncompromising technique-driven experiences.


Floor Classes anyone can attend (no prerequisite):

Stretch and Strength Classes (Flexagility™ and Refine Your Spine™)
$20 single class/ $15 with ‘Passport’ of 10 classes or more

Elemental Pilates – Prereq for those new to pilates. (An express training program; less intense than Mat Technique Training Course.)
$120 Course – 6 hours of training at your schedule convenience

Pilarre – Core, Balance, Posture, Standing work
$20 single class/ $15 with ‘Passport’ of 10 classes or more


Floor Classes which require training:

Pilates Mat Class (all levels, Magic Circle, Prop, Return to Center™, Express Mat,  not the Technique Training course)
$20 single class/ $15 with Passport of 10 classes or more
Technique Training class required or consent


Volume Package for Floor Classes – PilateSpa™ Passports

$150 for 10 classes; $15 per class for 10 or more purchased online. Private Sessions and Apparatus classes not included.


Apparatus Classes:

Apparatus Classes (more than 2 people)
$35 class – $30 per class when purchasing 6 or more classes.
Requires 5 private sessions or Apparatus Technique Training and/or consent of instructor.


Technique Training Classes:

Mat Technique Training Course (This Course is more intense than the Elemental Pilates and is offered periodically with Kathleen)
$180 Course – 6 hours of training

Apparatus Technique Training Course 
$180 Course – 5 hours of Technique Training at 6:45 Wednesdays, 6th class can be any apparatus class



Reformer / Cadillac / Mat / Chair / Barrel Instruction
$75 per lesson with studio instructors ($70 for 10 lessons or more).  $85 per lesson with Kathleen

$45 per person per lesson with studio instructors.  $55 with Kathleen



Purchase classes or private lessons through the Login.  (Work with Kathleen is scheduled/paid offline.)

If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment, you must notify the instructor with whom you are scheduled AT LEAST 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE or you will be held responsible for payment.  At this time, 48 hours notice is required to cancel any class or private.