Pilates technique combines awareness of the spine, proper breathing and continuous motion to slim your muscles, flatten your stomach, strengthen your back, and lengthen and balance your legs.  The method is a systematic progression of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates in the late 1800’s and brought to New York City circa 1928 to promote  strength, flexibility, balance and control.

Regular performance of even a few of the 500 exercises will develop the “Powerhouse” – the core of pelvic floor/diaphragm/multifidi/transversus, the abdomen, the lower back and gluteals – into a firm central support from which to move with economy, grace and balance. You will regain vitality and stand taller.  Doctors, physical therapists, and other professional health care providers, validate the pilates technique as both an effective fitness method and a safe system of rehabilitation from injury.

View a short video on Raw Abs Knee Elevations and Pelvic Lift.


The exercises:

  • correct poor posture
  • minimize neck and shoulder dysfunction
  • decompress joints
  • stimulate circulation
  • improve range of motion

Watch a short segment on the Watery HUNDRED.

Options in Pilates


Private Lessons

  • Private lessons are the penultimate in corrective and inspiring discovery of the potential and power of your body and mind
  • Take a lesson on occasion to tweak your other practice discipline
  • Take a lesson every week to ground your mind and body in sustainable workout for life
  • Take a lesson more often to address particular injuries or conditions or support an other training regimen.

Mat Technique and practice

  • Learn the pilates mat technique in small group class with specific hands-on training
  • Practice the pilates mat discipline in class, with others of like mind and body
  • 8 classes per week

Apparatus Technique and practice

  • Learn the pilates apparatus technique in small group class with specific hands-on training
  • Practice the pilates discipline on apparatus with 2 – 4 others
  • 11 classes per week

This studio facilitates Pilates Mastery Training, Pilates Teacher Training, Stretch Technique Training and Internships. Contact studiotoo@pilatespa.com.