Kathleen Conklin

In each person, every artist, dancer, athlete, farmer, truck-driver, wine-maker, hunter, teacher, politician, philosopher, doctor, investment advisor, business-woman, grandpa, student, survivor, wheel-chair user, child, young or old adult, in all bodies there is an exquisite language in human motion.

Improved elegance, power and freedom of movement is attainable by anyone through the principles of pilates. This technique is grounded firmly in the mechanics of the skeletal system, the geometrically increasing power of coordinated musculature, and the rejuvenation of the circulatory system through breathing – systems inherent in each human body.

PilateSpa International™ is not a gym, or a clinic, but an aesthetic place of light and space and movement in which to learn the intelligence and power and meaning of one’s body – an art gallery for bodies. A universe of learning and exploration.

Teachers here are committed to reviving the breath/mind/body connections through Intelligent Movement – pilates, stretch and strength techniques, and other balanced movement techniques. Through deep physical awareness and uniform development you will redesign YOUR BODY. More accurately, you will re-member, re-integrate, your original design.

Body Conscious™LLC is the result of Kathleen’s fascination with the vast moving catalogue of expression in the human body. PilateSpa™ is a central business and service of Body Conscious™LLC.