Mat Class

Join others in a collective conscious appreciation for efficient and graceful movement and the mental acumen which inheres in such refined coordination. While they are grounded in the classic discipline of Joseph Pilates, there is profound variety in the movement sequence and focus of these classes.  You will not be bored. Comfortable clothes are suggested; socks are optional; mats are provided.

Mat classes happen every day except Sunday. See Schedule.  These classes are tiered in levels, however, instructors provide conscientious direction to all.

Level I. Good transition from the training class to regular participation in the pilates classes.

Level II. Be comfortable with the exercises and their progression; have a good understanding of how your body handles pilates.

Level III. Solid intermediate level.  Most participants have studied the discipline consistently for a year or more.

Level IV. Faster paced, more variations in exercises. Need strong core muscles, substantial flexibility, and a sense of humour.

Mat Technique Training

The Pilates Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning is the systematic progression of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates before 1926 to promote strength, flexibility, balance and control through the coordination of mind, body, breath and spirit. We provide small-group instruction on the basic/intermediate mat exercises, including the mechanics of the movement and the breathing and imagery that enhance the work.

Technique Training is required before attending any of the mat classes scheduled daily at the studio.  Pilates Mat Technique Training  – is the small group intensive training class which meets for six hours over three weeks.    to be put on the notification list for next training for the Pilates Mat Technique Training seminar dates.

Tuition $180, cash or check.

There are 3 other ways to get the training:  1) Get consent from a studio teacher if you have already trained in pilates somewhere;  2)  Attend 6 Elemental Mat classes – these are ongoing classes; or 3) 2) Take private lessons.

Plan on about four private lessons. Private lessons with Kathleen are $85; $75 with other instructors in the studio ($70 for 10 or more purchased online, Login above).

“This discipline will give you power, elegance and freedom of movement.  It will make your body smile.  I look forward to bringing its fascinating contours to you.” ~Kathleen Conklin, Director