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Patent Pending.

From a client: "I Love it. I love it. I love it. I love it."

And from another: "I'll never use anything else."

And, "P.S. I LOVE the prototype mat! I did some of the balancing on my sacrum with that mat that would not have been possible otherwise."

And "That mat is incredible. I can barely walk but because a) bouyant and b) all the stuff I usually clench is unclenched and everybody else is figuring out how to come to the party. Really interesting sensation."

Body Positioning Apparatus to facilitate alignment in body-mind movement disciplines, exemplified by pilates, yoga, tai chi, and other exercise disciplines; in meditation practices; and in mind-body integrated psychotherapies. The apparatus improves recovery from injury and illness, supports teachers of movement, and provides ergonomic assistance in educational, medical, office and daily environments.

Prototypes in production. Contact Kathleen (contact page under ME tab) for pricing and availability.


Deep in the human design is the answer, a natural sequence to core integrity, uprightness, restorative breathing, regularity, nourishment, and balance.

In this seminar, learn the muscles and actions which engage your most profound core support. Anatomy pictures, video and other images illustrate the cues to help you find your deepest physical self in the proper order.

Turn on, tune up, take in the most powerful part of your body in 6 breaths.

Time and dates to be announced shortly

You will receive link and email with details after purchase.


DVD filmed in 2001 at Gold's Gym in Madison, WI. . . . Vintage. . . .

Note: This is the DVD itself. On order, Kathleen will contact you for shipping address.


DVD holds 90 minutes of body alignment through stretching and strengthening your body.

Stretch Program is 48 minutes.
Swift Stretch is 17 minutes.
Pilates Mat is 25 minutes.
A brief alignment section at the end addresses 7 problem areas.

This stretch and strength program follows closely the protocol illustrated in WEE SMALL STRETCH BOOK. . . . . . .

Note: This purchase is the DVD itself. On order, Kathleen will contact you for shipping address.


3 Class Acts:
(1) Flexagility™; Wednesdays 11:00 am, Saturdays 10:45 am.

(2) Intelligent Mat in pilates discipline; Wednesdays TBA, Thursdays 11 am, Saturdays 9:30 am.

(3) Refine Your Spine™ Body Meditation; time announced weekly. . . . . .

Contact Kathleen (see contact page, under ME tab), at least one day before class, for link to class via Zoom platform.


Classic pilates mat routine on the beaches of Baja.

This is a portion of the "Breathe. Stretch. Move." DVD

25 minutes.

Download format only


When you don't have all day to stretch.

Short stretch program from the "Breathe. Stretch. Move." DVD

17 minutes.

Download format only


The "Wee Small Stretch Book" shows you how to safely stretch just about everything. Use it everywhere - on your walk, when you run, at a dance, near the pool and while taking a break on the bike route.

Square, 5.5x5.5, for easy packing. 62 pages of cardstock paper to withstand hard use. Photos illustrate each stretch. Spiral-Bound to lay flat during your work.

Note: This purchase is a download. If you prefer the book itself, contact Kathleen (see contact page, under ME tab) for shipping costs.


Full Body Stretch Program filmed on a rock in Baja.

From the "Breathe. Stretch. Move." DVD

17 minutes.

Download format only