Apparatus Class

  • Cadillac and Reformer are pilates apparatuses
  • Apparatus classes are limited to 5 people
  • When there are three people reserved, the apparatus used is the Low-Chair
  • Apparatus classes require reservations
  • Reservations are made online – use Login above
  • Apparatus classes available every day except Sunday.
  • Classes cost $35. Class costs $30 each with purchase of 6 or more at a time (bulk rate does not apply to Chair classes).
  • You must have experience or consent of instructor

Apparatus Technique

Pilates Apparatus Training Classes are offered periodically.  This is training on use of the Reformer.  You must sign up for this and plan on attending five classes.  .  Tuition is $180.  Once you have completed that training, you can continue in that class or participate in other Apparatus classes. See Schedule.

You can also do apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Low-Chair, Ladder Barrel) work in private  lessons.  Many people have a regular appointment weekly to keep up their technique.img_2101